Sauna is a source of health, it has many health benefits and it is absolutely recommended to go to the sauna regularly. Not only does it lower blood pressure, it improves thermoregulation and the heart works more effectively. From a holistic point of view, sauna is ideal for regular use to detoxify the body. Not only does the skin excrete toxins, but the heat also detoxifies the liver. We already know from Chinese medicine that the element metal equals lungs controls the element wood equals liver and the liver can relax through heat from the outside. So not only is the defense against infection better through the cold and warm stimuli, but we also excrete many toxins. Regular use not only improves health, it also promotes beauty as the skin becomes smoother and firmer. I have known the sauna expert Dominik Hepp for four years and can recommend him with a clear conscience, he will advise you optimally and is a true expert on the sauna market and is absolutely authentic and a great motivator.

Dr. Uwe Schlünz inventor of Aquaback


The DNA of a sauna master literally cries out for the optimal sauna. Where if not to buy from a professional after learning from them.

If there is a sauna professional who makes the well-being and health of his customers his own, it is Dominik Hepp. He looked at the techniques and history of saunas from experienced sauna nations outside of the box. The best of the various sauna cultures can be found in the advice for the benefit of its customers.

Kerstin Stiebel

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