The sauna expert

Dominik Hepp has been accompanying the leisure wellness industry for almost two decades and is expanding his portfolio to face new challenges.

For several years now, I have been managing the company, the Saunashow event agency, as managing director and supporting leisure pools and thermal baths in the wellness area. The most important tasks here include the development and implementation of new profitable concepts.

Thanks to my ambition as well as a large number of championships won (German master, runner-up as well as third place at the world championships), I was able to increase quality and sales in more than 70 companies, train and motivate employees, open two training centers for external further training, several Document specialist articles and broaden my sauna horizon in the Baltic States.

Now I have optimized my way, adapted the service portfolio to private customers and, as a sauna expert, see myself in the task of delivering real benefits. I am authentic, innovative and understand my customers' needs.

You can find out more at: www.saunashow.de

My why

Everyone needs rest to recharge their batteries / energies.

It is my goal that as many people as possible can grow together again and regenerate themselves. I want families to spend more time together, weekly rituals among friends and of course our health / immune system benefit from it.

Sauna is much more than just a hot place. Sauna means life, connects and cleanses the soul! This is how the company name "Sauna Living" came about

Your Dominik